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Hair of the Dog that Bit Me!!

Hi folks, Just a quick note to lift your spirits, and hopefully your wallets as well. :-)

Here's a brief preliminary report extracted from the exit surveys we circulated when we completed the second part of "Connecting the Dots" on 5 of the 6 yards at Avenal early this month. It's not a complete report because there's someone after me who will study the surveys and derive even more information from them. So stay tuned for even more information from them, plus we plan on making the exit surveys themselves available on our website at some point, but that will take some work to set up, so, be patient with us and with me. Meanwhile know that your donation dollars are achieving BIG things.

Connecting the Dots

Avenal State Prison

Nov. 1-3; Dec. 6-8, 2019

Geography: 6 yards, Level 2, Dorm living.

Presentation conducted in Facility gyms, 100 max capacity.

Attendance by yard =

  • YARD Pt. 1 Pt 2 Tot.

  • A 40 +14 54

  • B 99 +3 102

  • C 93 +0 93

  • D 18 +6 24

  • E 33 ? ?

  • F 35 +3 38 Grand Total so far 344 Prisoners served.

(Exit surveys contained 6 questions requiring ratings 1 – 5. These are the tabulations.)

Exit surveys collected from Yards: A, B, C, D, & F. (Yard E has not finished yet.)

  • 143 surveys were turned in.

  • Of those:

  • 55 scored all “5”s (6 times each)

  • 18 scored 5 “5”s and 1 “4”

  • 3 scored 5 “5”s and 1 “3”

  • 17 scored 4 “5”s and 2 “4”s

  • 3 scored 4 “5”s and a “3” + “4”

  • 20 scored “4”s and “5”s mixed

  • 3 scored all “4”s

  • 16 scored “3”s and “4”s

  • 1 scored “2”s through “4”s

  • 7 were incomplete and therefore not tabulated.

I thought it looked pretty impressive. Thank you Avenal Prison Population.

"Hair of the Dog that Bit Me" is reference to the fact that Avenal was the prison I paroled from on February 4th, 2012, after serving the last 12 years of my term. And so it was a little emotional a time or two while we were presenting there. (Go Figure!!)

The reference to "lifting your spirits, and hopefully your wallets..." is just a reminder that Life Support Alliance is totally dependent on you. While we are applying for some grants this year, even the granters want to know that there are others that support us and what we do. Your contributions tell them that you believe in what we are doing, and give them confidence we are a worthy cause to give to.

So I hope you enjoy the report, and don't be surprised if you see a couple more emails this month asking you to dig deep.

Or you can just hit this link:

Have a great day

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