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Hello everyone, David here.

Just a quick report on just one of the things we've been doing lately. In the course of all that we do, we are not surprised and amazed at how little people know about the process of parole hearings. After all, they've been developed by a government agency, which seems to inherently require that it be complicated. In addition to that, a lifer only gets to go to "The Board" under extreme stress and at the very soonest every year or year and a half, if not 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 years. How in those circumstances does a person get a good read on the process of a parole hearing? The short answer is, you don't! But, We have someone, who has attended upwards of 175 hearings, as an observer and not under any stress, and that's my wife, Vanessa Nelson-Sloane, Super Hero and founder of Life Support Alliance.

So, in her extensive experience, and the collective wisdom of all of us here at LSA, we developed, (yet another) program, this one entitled "Unraveling Parole Hearings" Because we believe there is enough stress connected with going to the Board, there doesn't need to be the added stress of not knowing what-the-heck is going on. And in the last few weeks we have rolled it out at a couple of places.

First, I want to acknowledge our volunteers and all the work they put into printing and assembling the packets we take in (or send in) to your loved ones. This is an ongoing and laborious process to which they remain dedicated and relentless. And we couldn't do this without them. So thank you one and all. Your dedication and persistence does not go unnoticed and is deeply appreciated.

Simply put, this workshop explains in detail each step of the parole hearing. It had been finished for only a couple of weeks when the Catholic Chaplain at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) found out about it. Joseph McLachlan is an awesome person and he cares so much for the people in the custody of HDSP. He goes above and beyond his "duty" to get his people meaningful programming. So, Joseph did all the leg work to bring us to HDSP to do this new presentation there on September 30 and October 1st on three separate Level Four yards and to roughly forty residents per yard. Then, with barely a moment to take a breath and just two weeks later, on October 15th we arrived at Correctional Training Facility (CTF Soledad) to do this same presentation (the first of four visits scheduled for Soledad). We were to present to 75 residents on Central Yard and another 75 on North Yard. This time was even more powerful than last. Our sponsors, Norma and Terry were wonderful and we ended up with nearly 150 guys in the gym on Central Yard.

As you can see, the bucket is empty and the sign-in sheets are full. And the people there have been talking about it ever since. We're in the business of helping prisoners make the changes needed to be found suitable... And we did business at CTF!

And if that wasn't enough, we're headed to San Diego this week to conduct the Lifer Family Seminar for the southern tip of the state. If you've never been to one of our seminars, ask around. We provide so much information you can't absorb it all. Are we busy? I'd say so, and moreover, I'm still working a full-time job.

Come to the seminar, you won't regret it!

We love serving in this way, and those we serve love it too, (for the most part). So, here's where I say this is a team effort. V. and I apparently have a gift, and we've done our best to develop that gift. The only way we can exercise it is with the help and support of those we serve. That's you! Take this opportunity to make a commitment to move our common cause forward. These trips are expensive, but the payoff is extremely beneficial. If we haven't made it to your loved one's location yet, don't let that stop you. Each place we go is one step closer to your location. I remember when I was still inside trying to get found suitable. Each time a lifer would parole I would remind myself that I didn't know when I would come home, but that paroled lifer meant one less person between me and freedom. Now here I am!!

So I'm asking you to make a small sacrifice on behalf of your loved one's freedom. Make a commitment to send just $20. a month to help support this work. We don't know of anyone else doing what we are doing. Click the button below and "Donate Now!"

We need your support!

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