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Visit 30% OFF code:FIFA2023.I am very satisfied I bought fifa coins 23. I only play kick-off with friends/family, and career mode anyways - hence, why scans/custom faces are so important., Neuza Back of Brazil and Karen Díaz Medina of Mexico were named as the assistant referees.don't actually scan every single single player yearly, even if they are available at the time? (the video only shows Ox, Curtis Jones and Robertson getting in the scan machine, the rest were doing photoshoot stuff) And that this is the first time Robertson has been re-scanned since FIFA 16? :open_mouth:

Oh and at 11:55 you can see the computer screen and the file path which reads D :\Scans\FIFA22.

Boy do I want Cristian Romero at Barcelona so he's not anywhere near the PL, but if he moves to Spurs, he'll get a face scan at the very latest by FIFA 23


The cities officially selected to host World Cup matches in Mexico and Canada are: Guadalajara (Estadio Akron), Monterrey (Estadio BBVA Bancomer), Mexico City (Estadio Azteca), Toronto (BMO Field) and Vancouver (BC Place). Just the worstI knew they could come back. I'm a huge lover of starheads i only buy the game to see the abundance of new starheads spread throughout each league. We don't lose teams after they get relegated, this should be no different

. just me?

I just don't understand in this day and age why EA can't do more, okay fair enough the pandemic but it's been like 18 months almost surely they find a way round it.

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, the leaks are suggesting that player positioning is going to be reworked.

No extended subs bench for friendlies or European finals.

They are useless

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