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Beckman Suitability Tips

Life Support Alliance is excited to be able to offer our readers a Parole Suitability and Hearing Preparation Tips booklet from Premier Lifer Parole Attorney Michael Beckman. This informative and no-nonsense booklet is usually reserved for Mr. Beckman’s private clients, but we are now able to offer these insights to a wider audience.

Though not a correspondence course and not client specific, Mr. Beckman’s experience in more than 20 years of parole hearings is a valuable contribution to any lifer’s hearing preparation work and is much akin to having a second point of view and advice on the board’s workings and how to prepare.

You can order this instructional booklet, at an introductory price of $49.

Beckman Suitability Tips

  • This booklet is available for purchase to be sent only to the California Incarcerated and will only be sent to prison addresses.

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