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Power Struggle   (Domestic Violence)

Power Struggle is primer course on domestic abuse that brings an understanding of the effects, both immediate and generational, of those actions, as well as identifying behaviors that result in the trauma of domestic violence but do not involve physical altercations.  The 3-part course examines the true reason behind domestic abuse (power, not love) and presents an exploration and explanation of the cycle of abuse, with opportunities for students’ introspection and reflection.


Tools to recognize approaching and escalating cycles are presented, along with strategies on de-escalation and ending the cyclical and generational nature of domestic violence in all forms, not limited to physical abuse or violence. Students can learn how the consequences they might have experienced as the recipient of unrecognized abuse may have contributed to their own use of abusive tactics and provided with methods to unlearn these abusive behaviors, replacing them with pro-social reactions and responses.


Students are required to provide intensive, introspective and personalized narrative responses to homework questions for each section before proceeding to the next module of the course.  Whie certificates are provided to those who successfully complete the course, the more important benefit is a wiser, more confident and pro-social individual.

Power Struggle (Domestic Violence)

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