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Connecting the Dots and Amends

Connecting the Dots  and  The Amends Project


Life Support Alliance will be offering two correspondence courses, based on our in-prison workshops, Connecting the Dots and The Amends Project.  These programs can be purchased separately or as a package.  Currently, the Amends Project is ready for participation, with Connecting the Dots available July 1.  If you wish to purchase both programs, Connecting the Dots will be sent when available.


The Amends Project assists students in creating an acceptable and appropriate amends and apology letter to their victim(s) and/or victims’ family.  The Amends Project, based on the tenants of restorative justice, can facilitate and further the healing that can be realized by both prisoner and victim through the expression of amends and apology. 

Students will be taken through a curriculum that increases the understanding of the scope and resonance of harm experienced by victims and their family, how to sincerely and meaningfully acknowledge their responsibility for that harm, offering both an apology and amends. The student will receive instruction and assistance on how to write an amends letter, what should and should not be included and why, as well as a basic letter format will be provided. The course features comprehensive explanations and exercises in recognizing appropriate language and considerations in apology letters. 

An exercise in identifying good and bad points in an apology letter is provided for completion prior to the actual letter draft.  The students will then be assisted through writing their own letters of apology and amends to the victim(s) of their own criminal actions, sending the draft letter to LSA, where the letter will be critiqued and possible changes suggested before returning the letter for a re-write, if needed. Up to three drafts may be submitted/  Once a successful letter is written, a copy of the letter and a Certificate of Achievement will be sent to the successful student, and can be submitted at the writer’s parole hearing as part of their self-help accomplishments.


Connecting the Dots is a 4-part course designed to assist life prisoners in identifying the events and emotions in their background that affected cognitive and social development, leading them to become involved in a criminal lifestyle. Events cause emotions, emotions influence beliefs and beliefs become the basis for behavioral choices and actions. When beliefs are anti-social, criminal actions can result.

Recognition of these factors and understanding how those events planted and grew anti-social beliefs, how those beliefs led to anti-social behaviors is the basis of understanding causative factors of criminal behavior, a key element in becoming suitable for parole.  This understanding leads to development of insight, also required by the Parole Board. 

The process begins with an in-depth look back at past life experiences and using examples and tools provided, developing an understanding of how those events and how they impacted beliefs and actions.  The included exercises and correspondence assist the students in applying the cognitive approach to their own specific situations and experiences.

Students who successfully complete the exercises and quizzes contained in the curriculum of Connecting the Dots will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, but more importantly, will be able to present a cogent and understandable summary of reasons for their past criminogenic beliefs and actions and provide relevant examples of their new outlook.

Connecting the Dots and Amends

PriceFrom $89.00
  • “I never felt ready to write an apology before, but I think I can do it now.  Thank you for the help.” 


    T.W., a Lifer at Avenal


    “Been out for a little over a month, just wanted to say thank you. Connecting the Dots work is what set me free.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 


    A.S., 15-year lifer

  • We issue certificates of completion only to students who have registered in advance, participate and complete the work assignments. 


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