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Program Testimonials

Hello –


I wanted to thank you and Dave again for allowing me to serve at CMF and assist with your program.  I am learning a great deal about myself, about cause and effect, and about forgiveness. Every visit challenges some aspect of my belief system.


I also wanted to share some feedback from the guys. I asked them to share with me what they liked about your program and to compare it with other programs they have attended. Their response was very enthusiastic and unanimous.


Vanessa – I know that you are aware of the value you bring to the incarcerated and their families, but I want to share what I learned from their response. The men shared with me their gratitude for your sincere commitment to serving them; for bringing them frontline news about parole boards and other helpful information. Your selflessness connects them to you, your caring makes them feel valued, your message of hope inspires them to seek change and growth. You are truly doing God’s work.


David – you are a walking and talking example of what is possible. Being “one of them” is priceless. The men hold you in high regard and speak of you with reverence.

Kevin W. 6/30/19

David & Vanessa,

Thanks so much for all of your hard work!  The inmates and their families appreciate it very much!

Gene H.  6/16/19

You guys are the best as far as offering support & understanding goes! I totally appreciate it. Best news ever is that they found him SUITABLE!! His commissioner was an older black man w/ a last name of Anderson I believe he said. Such relief, but now the wait for the governor’s decision...

Denise C.  10/8/19

Hi Dave & Vanessa


Please inform me when y'all bring Connect The Dots back to Lancaster. If there's ANYTHING I can do over there please let me know!!

Yolanda B. 9/7/19

My name is Angel V.

I did 28 years and 6 month. I want to thank you for helping me with connection the dots. It's been one year and 2 month since I've paroled. I'm greatful for your assistance and want to extend my thank you for your time and dedication. May Our Lord bless you and guide you in all your endeavors. 


Angel V. 6/22/19

I was just released from Old Folsom, after being down for 25 yrs...I am listed as a lifer, and i want to thank you for the tips that your newsletter gave me on how to prepare for the board, they were right on point. Honesty is the best policy. Thank you.

Charles K.      4-22-18

Thank you for all that you guys do. Truly is appreciated.


Joanna M.  11-28-17

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