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Thousands of Years of sentence reductions!

Sounds crazy, right? But it's real. CDCR Undersecretary for Operations Kathleen Allison revealed that startling fact at last week's lifer family seminar in Sacramento. Credits earned by prisoners (not just lifers) under Prop. 57--some 4.8 million of those credits--have reduced time to be served in California prisons by over 13,000 years, and counting. And saving California over $ 9 million.

Allison and BPH Executive Director Jennifer Shaffer both spoke at the Sacramento seminar and while we can't bring them with us to other upcoming seminars in other areas--like the one coming up April 6 in Yorba Linda (Orange County), we've done the next best thing--we video taped their remarks and will screen those videos at future seminars. What else did Allison have to say? Her remarks covered CDCR referral for re-sentencing under 1170 (d), non-designated programming yards and family visits.

Shaffer spoke to the number of upcoming parole hearings (up 38% next year), the make-up of the parole board, and the chances of being found suitable at the initial (first) hearing--hint: those chances are way up! We also had a surprise guest--former parole Commissioner Terri Turner, who retired in December, came to spend the day and graciously volunteered to moderate one of our afternoon sessions!

And there was much more information, both from Allison and Shaffer and our own staff. For the first time we're delving deeper into specific areas of parole suitability in the afternoon sessions, offering several small groups on a variety of subjects. If you're a seasoned veteran of lifer issues, we have advanced groups and if you're just entering the fray, we'll walk you through the process.

Sign up now! Easiest way is from the Events page on our website--you'll even get a ticket with directions to the location.

Hope to see many of you there, and stay tuned for announcements of future seminars near you (Long Beach and San Diego in the works, Bay Area in planning)

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