Spending the Weekend in prison

6:30 am and we're ready to roll, headed to KVSP to do the Connecting the Dots workshop for all 4 yards--150+/- guys. It'll be an all day affair, CDCR kindly (!?) allows us to bring in pre-made, packaged sandwiches to sustain us through the day (cause we can't bring $ for the vending machines....)and with several bottles of water, we're ready. Quick stop at McD's for caffeine in some form--coffee for Dave, coke for me, and next stop KVSP.

This is the first of the 2 parts to Connecting the Dots, we'll be back April 13 for the second half. Hopefully, we'll give these guys some help on identifying the causative factors of their crime and develop the insight the board looks for. This is the 9th, maybe 10th prison we've been to with Dots (I've sorta lost count, just know we're spending nearly every weekend in prison) and the results have been very encouraging.

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