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LSA Seminars a great success!!

Our First-In-A-Long-Time Lifer Family Seminar was held on June 18th just weeks ago in Sacramento. It's been a long time but despite being rusty, everything seems to have gone very well!! We're planning our next seminar in just a few weeks in Southern California; Yorba Linda. Here's a link to register.

Here's some of the comments from the Sacramento event!!

At this moment I can just say it was devine. It was Clear to Me, God was pleased. Thank you, David, and Vanessa, I loved the seminar. It exceeded my expectations. It was perfect in every way: The speakers, the group leaders. the attendees, the attorneys in attendance. You and Vanessa, I felt the love with which you planned and executed the seminar.

(Joan B.)

Thanks for the follow up email. What’s the one thing I loved? Oh man that’s a tough one. The whole darn thing? One of the best trainings I’ve taken since the pandemic began! And I take a lot of training! Can I just make a list? (Chris B.)

I enjoyed each one of the speakers sharing their experience. I also enjoyed the opportunity to break off into groups and have questions answered. I liked the guidelines set at the beginning in regard to not asking questions during the presentation. Overall I was very pleased with the presentation, lunch, and being able to meet some great people. (Judith M.)

What was the one thing you liked the most about the seminar? All the wisdom and knowledge shared. I really appreciated how we had CDCR drug counselors there and different advocates, loved ones, BOARD of parole commissioner, attorneys, passionate people that are interested in learning from our impacted family passion of compassion and empathy for human life. (Yolanda N.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this day! My only complaint is that I wish it could have lasted longer! By choice, I don’t share this part of my personal life with many, so having the opportunity to speak openly was truly a gift! (Erin T.)

What I did like about it was how informative everyone else made it. The information that was provided was and is very useful in so many ways. (Loretta R.)

David and Vanessa, GREAT WORK again. (Penny S.)

Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar! It was seamless and packed with so much information! I'm glad that my schedule allowed me to attend in person and see you guys again! The seminar was very well organized and stuck pretty closely to the timeline (kudos to Vanesa, always looking at her watch! lol). I like the small groups and the opportunity to listen to others' experiences and questions. Also to be able to talk to Keith and Dean about their experiences. (Jean C.)

I enjoyed the seminar, but Vanessa was right we need two days of this information seminar or longer. I appreciated someone from the Board coming out to speak to us. And the formally incarcerated, we need more of these people. I appreciated hearing their stories. I enjoyed the more detailed breakdowns of the CRA and the information about Resentencing. Thank you for this! And I’m also signing up my loved one for Connecting the Dots. (Nancy M.)

Every component of the seminar was valuable. It was especially important to hear directly from Jennifer Shaffer. If not for LSA, I can't imagine how I would have otherwise ever had that opportunity.

What I liked least - I would have preferred that the seminar had been longer, and that there had been more time for questions and discussion. When is the next one in Northern CA? (Dolores C.)

Thank you, David, and Vanessa, I loved the seminar. It exceeded my expectations. It was perfect in every way: The speakers, the group leaders. the attendees, the attorneys in attendance. You and Vanessa, I felt the love with which you planned and executed the seminar. (Joan B.)

Hi David!

Although I was only able to attend until about noon, due to work, the information I got in that short amount of time was extremely helpful. I’m new at this commutation business and so is my husband, who is also a David. He was sentenced to LWOP, here in Sacramento, in what will be 27 years ago on July 13, with 2 co-defendants. He didn’t care about getting out until the laws started changing a couple of years ago. With that being said, I’m just trying to learn correct information that isn’t a waste of time.

Thank you for all you do, (Heather L.)

I am SO glad that I attended the seminar. I learned so much new information.

What I liked the best was mostly everything… listening to you both - you guys are really incredible, so knowledgeable and passionate about what you’re doing. Hearing Jennifer’s presentation was amazing, chock full of info I didn’t know. What I liked the least was that I could have sat through another day of it. I haven’t had a chance to take a deep dive into all of the handouts yet either, but I will. I can just tell that there are so many resources there.

It was great to attend the seminar and I’m just glad to know more now about what you guys do. What an incredible resource. Thanks! (Sondra.)

It was excellent. I enjoyed every moment. Can’t wait for the next meeting. Thank you all for your time and effort. (Nahrain)

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Jul 16, 2022

Will you have a virtual. My loved one is in CSP Solano and I live in LA. It would be wonderful to attend the seminar get this information

Jul 17, 2022
Replying to

I'm sorry..I live in Louisiana not Los Angeles.😇 which is why I'm asking about virtual.

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