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Life Support Alliance here, starting something new... A blog!

Once again we're starting a new venture...and while those of us at LSA don't know much about blogs, but it has been suggested that this might be a good addition to our efforts to keep you informed. While we'll still post on Facebook, a blog will enable you to find information on a specific subject without wading though posts on other issues.

This will hopefully allow us to not only be more organized, but make things easier and faster for you, our members and readers. All information on any given topic will be under that blog heading, from family visiting to commutations to new laws, to whatever else comes our way.

We're looking forward to exploring this new adventure, learning its benefits to us, discovering how to best use it and see if, indeed, it will be an effective avenue to keep you, our membership, informed.

Our first task will be how to get participation for our blog. So... one step at a time. Bear with us, but check often to see what we're able to pass along to you.

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Unknown member
Apr 21, 2021

I have been following your wonderful website for many years and wanted to say thank you. It is difficult to find many advocates for individuals who once they are incarcerated are all but forgotten especially those men and women who are labeled Lifers. My brother is one of those individuals who was incarcerated as a Youth and has now served 44 years on a 7 years to life sentence despite his exceptional record. He earned a parole grant in 2015 but was reversed by the Governor. Now he has earned a second parole grant and we wait, holding our breathe, hoping that this Governor will focus on his record of rehabilitation and not political pressure. Thank you again for p…


I'm so very grateful for the info in the emails every day from LSA staff. Just getting that daily info from someone who cares like I care, brings my stress level down to a manageable level! Thank you LSA !


Hello Vanessa , David and the rest of the great staff here at LSA. I’ve never blogged, but if it’s anything like writing my thoughts on here about important stuff they may or may not be helpful. Or just too make some one laugh a little o even a smile... then I’m all in . I’ve been following you LSA for awhile now. My LO is the one who initially asked for this news article to be sent to him when we first started writing and what not I’ve known here about 30 years in the last six years we’ve been together strange as it may seem when we were out But I have truelly admired everyone here…


May 12, 2020

Hi everyone I'm interested in blogging but ill learn with you all.❤


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