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Life Support Alliance here, starting something new... A blog!

Once again we're starting a new venture...and while those of us at LSA don't know much about blogs, but it has been suggested that this might be a good addition to our efforts to keep you informed. While we'll still post on Facebook, a blog will enable you to find information on a specific subject without wading though posts on other issues.

This will hopefully allow us to not only be more organized, but make things easier and faster for you, our members and readers. All information on any given topic will be under that blog heading, from family visiting to commutations to new laws, to whatever else comes our way.

We're looking forward to exploring this new adventure, learning its benefits to us, discovering how to best use it and see if, indeed, it will be an effective avenue to keep you, our membership, informed.

Our first task will be how to get participation for our blog. So... one step at a time. Bear with us, but check often to see what we're able to pass along to you.

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