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Hey! Guess What!!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hi everyone, this is David writing to you this fine Sunday afternoon. I just wanted to say for those of you who haven't been paying close attention that we at Life Support Alliance have a new website that you should check out.

It's still a work in progress, so you should probably also kinda keep an eye on it for awhile as well, but we have a boatload of new features to make our interactions easier and more personal with you.

One thing we started is a blog page. Going forward, Vanessa will be posting things there first and then connecting them to the FB page. That's how I'm doing this!! If you want immediate action at what we're sharing, it might be good for you to:

go to our website,

to the blog page,

sign up and make a profile,

and "follow" Vanessa and myself.

That way you'll get direct action at what we post there, before it gets to FaceBook and without any of the clutter.

In the future, we will also have some other people posting as well. Attorney Ben Ramos has already expressed an interest in writing for the blog. Once he does, you can "follow" him there and be notified when there's a new post.

Another thing we've started is a resources page that features our newsletters, some current things recently released from CDCR, a short list of attorneys, and links to various government web pages. As the need for more resources comes up, and as more resources become available, we definately have plans to add them on a regular basis, so don't be surprised when we refer you to our website when you ask for "Who Dunit".

We've also got an EVENTS page that we're pretty proud of. This has a quick list of loosly planned events, both seminars and prison workshops. There's a place to register online for our upcoming seminars, and even a secure link to make your payment to attend. We've also got the Google Calandar for Life Support Alliance posted.

So don't delay!! Drop by our website; sign up for our free email newsletters; sign up to be a site member; sign up to be a blog member and get yourself fully involved with Life Support Alliance. You can even donate from any page on the site!! We want to stay connected!!

Yours, Truly,

David Sloane,

Paroled Lifer Enjoying Life,

Life Support Alliance

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