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Busy, busy, busy!!!

Hello everybody, Hope all are well.

This post is from last May and I forgot to hit the "Post" button.

Better late than never, right?

It's been awhile since you've heard from me, mostly because I've been so busy. As many of you know, I work a full time job outside of LSA, and when I'm not there, it seems I'm off galavanting around the state, visiting prisons and doing my part in helping our loved ones gain their freedom.

Just to bring you all up to date, the last 2 weeks I set records for myself. Weekend before last I went into 2 prisons in the same weekend; Vacaville on Friday, which is most Fridays and then to KVSP on Saturday. (That was a 5 hour driving trip each way!!)

We had a good crowd at both places.

At Vacaville we have been conducting a 12 week curriculum Covering several subjects including insight into causative factors, Amends, and the parole hearing process, among other things. We're near the end of our second time through and we're training up inmate facilitators to do the bulk of the work. Vanessa and I are in the process of fine tuning the facilitators' guides for them.

At KVSP we finished up the second half of "Connecting the Dots" on 2 yards. We need to set up a couple of return trips there for the 2 yards we missed. We've been cleared for entry for a year there, so I imagine we'll be back at some point in time...

This past weekend we went to 2 prisons in the same day!!! Mule Creek on Friday morning and. of course, Vacaville in the afternoon. At Mule Creek they wanted us to appear for a video interview connected to their prisoner produced newspaper, "the Post-Up." They're really excited about what we've been teaching them and the video, once edited, will be aired on their institutional channel for the whole prison to see, and maybe at some point even State Wide. so we're excited about that!!

We're also scheduled for Salinas Valley in 2 weeks. Another record for me, that will make a total of 10 prisons I've been allowed to enter, (and leave) while on parole. I think that's some kind of Guiness Book record or something.. All I know is it's hard to tell who gets more out of it, us or them!! But the reports are that our presentations are well received, deep and beneficial for parole readiness.

Almost everywhere we go, the prisoners want to honor us by making us the beneficiary of the proceeds of a food sale, or to otherwise help raise money to support the work we are doing. And the truth is that finances are the biggest limitation in presenting our workshops. We currently have requests for both Pelican Bay as well as Chuckawalla; both at opposite ends of the state.

I'm surprised at how limited some institutions are regarding food sales and charities. Many just don't have them, or have no say in where the proceeds go. But we appreciate the sentiment. We'd love to make those trips, but in order to do so we will need help. So at the risk of sounding repetitive, I want to ask for YOUR help. We need your financial support to do the work we do. So stop and ask yourself, "Is Life Support Alliance making an impact on the prison community?" "Has Life Support Alliance had an impact on me and my life?" "Is it a worthwhile cause to contribute to?" "How bad would I miss $10. a month?" "Can I afford to make it $20.?"

If you contribute to us, I promise, we'll pay it forward. The best way to help one, is to help them all!! You can go to our website and donate online using a credit or debit card, or PayPal. It's all through PayPal so it's safe and secure. Just follow this link and use the "Donate" button at the top of the page.

Using PayPal, you can set up recurring donations from there, just check the box that says "make this a monthly donation" If you donate using a debit or credit card, just send a note stating you'd like to become a monthly donor and I'll set up a monthly invoice to your email, also through PayPal so it's safe and secure, and the invoice has a link to use your credit or debit card online.

We're in this together, and together we can make the difference.

Thank you for your support...

David Sloane

Paroled Lifer Enjoying Life

Life Support Alliance

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