Auction Fundraising

Hello everyone, David here.

I know, it has been a while since I have blogged.

Soooo many things to do.

While talking to our members, the subject of fundraising came up. I know... what a surprise!! Seems like we can't do anything without it costing money, even in these uncertain times. One member suggested we have an auction: an interesting concept. That person also donated some stuff to be auctioned. (Like we have anyplace to keep this stuff...)

So I thought it only responsible to give it a reasonable chance so I'm posting it here to start.

This is a granite, (I think, or faux granite) coffee table and center piece. It's pretty but a little dirty. It's very heavy. It's 14 1/2" tall and 51" around and has a cut to fit class top. It will make a nice addition to the right person's living room or den.

The base is likewise the same stuff as the top and it's signed by "Muller" and... Hey!! Where'd you come from?

That's our new kitten Fuzzy Britches. We call him Snicklefritz because he just seems to get into Everything! Now, here he is all up in LSA Bizness :-) Vanessa says he's adorkable!! We've grown pretty attached in the 3 months we've had him, and he's grown quite a bit since this picture. At 6 months old he's every bit as tall and long as our three adult cats. We think he's gonna be a big guy!! But back to business.

This table is in our offices in Sacramento and will be required to be picked up. You can express your interest and submit a bid to donate simply by emailing me at Your Donation, like any other will be fully tax deductible and we will make beneficial use of it while doing all the things that we do. Here's your chance to help AND get something to remind you of us and the good we are doing together.

I'm hoping we can get this done within a week or two, so don't delay. Email me today!

Hoping to hear from you soon!!

Have a great day!!

David Sloane,

Paroled Lifer Enjoying Life,

Life Support Alliance Together we can do this, one step at a time.

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