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Victims of Injustice/Life Support alliance is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization in good standing with the IRS and the California Registry of Charitable Trusts.
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Meet the Team

Board Members

Advisory Members

David Sloane

Former lifer released in early 2013 after 23+ years as a life term prisoner, David brings a unique perspective to the challenges of promoting the cause of lifers and helps us focus on what is truly important to lifers and how best to engage them. His insight into the challenges of returning to society on parole is a major asset to our mission.  Although still on parole, David has been approved to return to several prisons to present LSA workshops to lifers still hoping for parole.

John Dannenberg

Paralegal for 27 years and former lifer, John has been the legal news writer for CLN for the past 10 years.  He is also well known to lifers as the subject of the iconic In Re: Dannenberg cases. His knowledge and insight are invaluable resources for LSA and CLN. In his other life, John is vice-president for business development of an electrical contracting firm, holds BSEE and BS, Mathematics degrees

Keith Chandler

Keith Chandler; Former lifer, who served 21 years, Keith won his freedom through court action and became a zealous advocate for change.Originally a self-educated paralegal he filed countless petitions for fellow prisoners prior to his own release through court action.  Keith became involved in campaigns for Prop. 66 and Prop. 36.  Now a law school graduate and having passed the bar exam he is in the process of becoming a licensed attorney. Keith’s work was the driving force behind the 2012 exoneration of Kash Register, after 34 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

Cindy Jackson

Veteran of several Inmate Family Councils and Statewide Inmate Family Council, She holds a Master's degree in Criminal Justice, Undergraduate degrees in Paralegal Studies and Law, Layout Specialist for California Lifer Newsletter and mother of an LWOP prisoner.

Gene Hein

Father of a lifer and small business owner, and a public speaker in his spare time. Gene troubleshoots production of CLN and brings a practical perspective to the board.

Vanessa Nelson-Sloane

Vanessa Nelson-Sloane; Executive Director and Co-Founder of Life Support Alliance. Vanessa holds degrees from Chico State in both Political Science and Journalism.  A veteran of more than 25 years in the prison reform movement.

Former member/Chairperson of several Inmate Family Councils,  former member of Statewide Inmate Family Council, she is responsible for the editorial content of all publications of LSA. She is married to a paroled lifer.

Victor Abrunzo

Retired attorney, former member of the Inmate Family Council at California Institute for Women (CIW) and the Statewide Inmate Family Council. Vic is also a member of the CDCR’s Gender Responsive Strategies committee. As a military veteran, Vic assists prisoners who are also veterans in a variety of VA related issues.

Ellen Yates

Retired psychologist with CDCR, Dr. Yates’ professional insight and experience are valuable assets, both in terms of CDCR practice and clinical understanding.  Dr. Yates facilitates The Amends Project workshops and contributed to the formulation of the Connecting the Dots curriculum.