Fighting for the lives and freedom of California Lifers.
How can you help LSA?
  Everyone can help in some way, no matter how new to the struggle for lifer justice...
...or how many years you’ve been onboard.

First, funding.  Life Support Alliance (LSA) and Life Support Alliance Education Fund (LSAEF) are largely self-funded. We appreciate single donations of any amount however if you are really committed we would ask that you consider pledging a monthly amount and supporting the cause long term.  Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

Our other primary source of revenue is through subscription payments for and advertisements in California Lifer Newsletter. We make every effort to keep subscription costs as low as possible for imprisoned lifers. Toward that end, costs for free persons are set at a higher level to partially underwrite the lifer subscriptions.

We also appreciate donations of office supplies or gift cards that enable us to purchase office supplies or travel the state to attend parole hearings, hold seminars and meet with possible allies.

Another way you can help is by becoming a participant in the mailing tree for Lifer-Line. Let us know if you’re willing to help mail newsletters to indigent inmates. We will send you a list of names and address to which you will mail the newsletter each month, using LSA’s address as the return address, so there is no connection to another prisoner.

By adding your name to our email list to receive the newsletter you will also receive legislative and action alerts and updates, letting you know when we need your help to write or call individuals in Sacramento on bills or other immediate issues. We always provide a sample letter and a list of names and contact information for you to use.​

Become an informed participant; learn who your state legislators are and how to contact them. When bills are up for votes in the legislature we will send out calls to action, asking you to contact your state Senator or Assembly member and urge them to support or oppose certain bills.  You can find out your state Senator or Assembly member (click here for state legislator).

​Don't be afraid to find your voice and let those who work for YOU know what you expect from them.  BecominAnd we are always in need of new information from various prisons. Please send us your concerns, issues and questions, as prisoners and their families are our ‘boots on the ground’ in the battle to win fair treatment for lifers.

All contributions of any sort can be sent to our location in Sacramento, PO Box 277, Rancho Cordova, CA. 95741, or through Pay-Pal. To donate through Pay-Pal, use our email address: and (click here) for Pay-Pal donations. Please email us notice of your donation and where it is intended. Thank you.g an activist yourself is the best way to help LSA and your lifer.
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