The primary purposes of LSAEF include:

1.To educate the public and legislators on the characteristics of the term to lifer prisoner cohort relative to the risk of recidivism and violence from this population.

2.To provide education to the families of life term inmates in dealing with the prison and parole system.

3.To educate and assist life term prisoners in rehabilitation practices needed to facilitate their finding of suitability to parole by the parole board.

4.To assist life term prisoners found suitable and released on parole with successful reintegration into society.
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Fighting for the lives and freedom of California Lifers.
Our job, our mission, is to be the voice and presence of lifers in the legislative offices and public gatherings, in the ear of the CDC regarding conditions of confinement and programming, and to remind the parole board of the realities of lifers’ situation. Our primary purpose is the help lifers and their families understand the parole system and what it takes to be found suitable for parole, to help them find the resources to help them do this. 

Our primary method of accomplishing these goals are through our newsletters, the monthly, free Lifer-Line, which goes by email to friends and family of lifers, who then mail the newsletter to their prisoners. Our larger newsletter, California Lifer Newsletter, is by subscription, $35 per year for prisoners, and covers legal analysis of cases relevant to lifer concerns as well as BPH and CDCR news. CLN is a bi-monthly publication. Because of its size and cost, free copies are not available. However, CLN is mailed to the law library of every prison in California.
Life Support Alliance (LSA) and Life Support Alliance Education Fund (LSAEF) are non-profit social advocacy organizations, focused on life term inmates in custody in California and their families. We are overseen by a Board of Directors, all of whom have or have had loved ones serving a life sentence, and an Advisory Board of 
former lifers, now released on parole.

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